Rates of software development on WORDPRESS

Suitable for customized development

from $25

Order a corporate website on WORDPRESS

Suitable for Small and medium-sized enterprises.

from $2500

  • Brand-new design
  • Adaptive page layout
  • Functional programming
  • Module installment and set up
  • Basic website content
  • Hosting set up
  • Page loading optimization
  • Website testing
  • CMS video tutorial

Order an online store on WORDPRESS

Full cycle of e-commerce integration

from $2900

  • Brand-new design
  • Adaptive page layout
  • Functional programming
  • Module installment and set up
  • Cart & payment systems activation (merchant acquiring services)
  • Basic website content
  • Hosting set up
  • Page loading optimization
  • Website testing
  • CMS video tutorial
Websites sampling on WordPress:

Website development on Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. You can develop any project on it: from an online store to a simple landing page. We offer a turnkey WordPress website development service.

Advantages of the engine:

Wordpress is a free universal system that is suitable for solving any task

Its killer features:

  • SEO adaptability. Sites made on this engine are indexed by search engines. This feature will be useful if you decide to start promoting on the Internet in the future.
  • Adaptive layout. Websites developed on Wordpress work well in older browsers and on mobile devices. 68% of users surf the Internet from smartphones, so it is impossible to miss this part of the audience.
  • A large number of plugins. Thanks to this, any functionality can be added to the site: from a calculator to a complex database system.
  • The ability to use ready-made design templates from the database. Thanks to this, you can reduce the time and cost of development.
  • Short development period. WordPress sites are made quickly and are cheaper than developing from scratch.

CMS is suitable for the development of multi-page resources, as well as for simple business cards or landing pages. Thanks to open source code and the ability to refine individual elements manually, you can solve any task on Wordpress.

Stages of work

The term of website development on CMS WordPress is due to the complexity of the project. To solve typical tasks, we can offer a resource made using a ready-made template. This is an affordable and quick solution for small companies. However, in today's website design, we try to use a unique development and look.

The work on the site consists of the following stages:

  1. What is the business purpose of the site? For whom and for what is the website created? Here are the main questions. Problem statement. We determine what the project is for, what goals the development pursues, and who will be the target audience.
  2. Creating a moodboard and site prototypes.
  3. We draw a unique design.
  4. Direct layout. The layout of the site is adaptive.
  5. Programming and configuration of the necessary CMS modules.
  6. Filling with unique content.
  7. Testing a website on hosting.
  8. Video instructions for working with the site.
  9. Upon completion of the project, we invite all our clients to move on to the second important part of working with the site - this is marketing and the choice of promotion strategies.

To order the development, leave your contacts in the feedback form or call the phone number listed on the website. Our manager will answer all your questions and help you to issue technical specifications.

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The process of website development:

The key to the success of any project is a detailed brief. Here, as nowhere else, the rule works: measure twice and cut once. It is a competent brief that will bring you closer to the result that best meets your needs.

Project Discussion

Working out the mechanics of user interactions with the project.

Project Discussion

Design approval. Page layout.

Designing and Prototyping

Programming modules and website functionality

Project Launch

Installation and configuration of the project on the hosting. Testing.

Project Launch
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