Bering Yacht

Customizing and optimizing the Bitrix 24 CRM system

Bering Yachts is engaged in the production and sale of yachts with possible modifications.
The customer's product is unique, premium and in demand all over the world.

The sales departments are also distributed all over the world, but the shipyard itself is located in Turkey. For quality coordination and customer management, the company needed a finely tuned system that would optimize business processes and keep everything under control.

When contacting the Origami Web Studio team, the company was already using the Bitrix 24 system. From our side we needed coordination, consulting and technical support to improve the product.


Setting up and coordinating a CRM system is an important process for quality business operation. That is why it is the main source of analytical information about working with potential customers and aggregator of all customer data in one place. The customer's product is a premium, therefore the transaction cycle typically takes 3 to 6 months. In this regard, it is extremely important to keep track of the entire history of the client, evaluate the work of the manager, track the directional data, and communication channels.

Technology stack
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Bering Yacht
CRM Bitrix 24 integration and customization
CRM Bitrix 24 integration and customization

Customizing and optimizing the Bitrix 24 CRM system

Quality technical support optimizes work, saves time, and automates some of the communication processes.

From our part, we provide full consulting and technical support for the CRM-system best functionality. If necessary, we help: to make changes to the system, display reports and analytics, we study the possibility of implementing various features. We solve problems of varying complexity and focus, which help achieve the business goals of the client company.

The timing of the tasks depends on their volume, but our team is always promptly involved in the process and does everything possible to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you need to develop new functionality, we also, based on the client's request, form a scheme of business process, describe the logic and send the data to the development team or integrator, who can implement this to the CRM system internally.

Within the framework of cooperation, we regularly solve requests that require improvement of the CRM-system under the customer's business needs. We also give recommendations on the use of specific functions. We assess the relevance in relation to the field of activity of the client company, premium customer service and efficiency of use.

Optimization of business processes of the client's management team allows us to control different ways of communicating with customers, provide better service and do this in a personalized way, based on information, where the request comes from, what region it comes from, what inputs there are for the customer and so on.
Currently we are continuing a fruitful cooperation within the framework of improving the functionality of the CRM system to solve the business problems of the client’s company.

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