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Development of web applications based on smart contracts

The development of web applications based on smart contracts is one of the most popular services. The IT market shows a trend to increase the popularity of blockchain technologies. Decentralized systems have important advantages over classical software.
The blockchain application is a decentralized system in which information is stored not on the server, but at each participant of the network. As a result, an intermediary is not needed to confirm any operation: each instance of the application stores data about the entire block chain.

Advantages of blockchain applications:

  • Data acquisition speed and accuracy.
  • These are decentralized applications.
  • Equal participants of the application.
  • The cost of conducting a transaction is lower (due to the absence of the need for intermediary services).
  • Since the information is not stored on a separate server, the risk of hacking is minimal.
  • Complete data loss is excluded.

Web applications based on smart contracts have found application in the financial sector, gaming, medicine, logistics, and other fields.
What are smart contracts for
The main feature of the blockchain network is that data is exchanged not between the application and the server, but between two users. To regulate this process, there are smart contracts.
This is a specific set of rules embedded in the application. If two network participants want to make a deal, the smart contract acts as a virtual intermediary. It checks all the execution conditions, after which it is executed automatically. If the contract has not been executed, the transaction is returned.

Web applications on smart contracts include:

  • Confidentiality. Exchange participants do not need to identify themselves, explicitly, to exchange contacts directly.
  • Safety. The virtual intermediary is unbiased and strictly follows the conditions prescribed in the code.
  • Effectiveness. It takes no more than a few minutes to execute a smart contract.
  • Reliability. Third parties do not interfere in the exchange process. Distortion of information, data transfer "to the side" is excluded.

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