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Python development

Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language. The inventor is Guido van Rossum (Netherlands). Python language is simple, multifunctional and understandable to people, which ensures its high popularity. A large number of libraries have been developed for Python (for example, Pygame is used for games, Django for application development). Python is used for small applications, portals, web services, and online stores.


Python development has the following benefits:

  • Clean syntax. The syntax is concise and readable. The language is more compact than Java for equal efficiency.
  • Ease of learning. Python is easy to learn and well suited to beginner developers. The language is easy to read and well visualized with charts and graphs. 
  • Embeddability. The language is highly interactive. It can be built into different types of applications. Used for different computers and operating systems.  
  • Asynchronous. Asynchronous code is supported, providing processing of requests while waiting for the answer from the server. This prevents application downtime arising from long request processing times. 
  • Dynamic typing. The data type is automatically assigned at runtime. It is good for working in a changing environment.

The main weaknesses are speed limits, increased memory load, and architectural constraints. 


Python has a large number of frameworks to simplify the development process. The main types of frameworks include:

Django. It is used for web applications. Has a wide range of functionality. Works together with different databases - Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Pyramid. Suitable for small projects. Used by different databases, and plugins are used to extend the functionality. Design is based on the principles of simplicity, speed, and minimalism. 

Flask. This is a microframework that provides only basic features. Used to develop training projects or small sites. Used by Linkedin, Netflix, and Twilio.

Python is an easy to learn language that has a large number of frameworks. It can be used to develop complex sites and business automation systems. You can order Python development at origamiweb.net. Web-studio Origami guarantees high quality and reasonable prices.

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